Adjustable Wrist Rest STRONG HAND TOOLS

Adjustable Wrist Rest STRONG HAND TOOLS

Ref. - - ARA18

Indicative unit weight
2200 g

Stay comfortable when welding and work with precision with this fully adjustable wrist rest. It is made of solid steel for durability and stability and the stainless steel support bar measures 280mm.

The support bar is height adjustable [slide up or down the support column]. Place the magnetic base on any steel surface and adjust it by adjusting the two leveling bolts. The stand will be secure and will not tip over.

For space saving storage, remove the resting bar from the adjustment column.
With this stand, your wrist will be stable for accurate welding, better work quality and less fatigue.

Overall Height (mm)Articulated Arm Heigt Range (mm)Articulated Arm Reach (mm)Weight (kg)